FarmSuite is an integrated, easy-to-use, modular platform tailored to small and medium organic farms and processors. It stems from the expertise of Italian farmers and from the experience of AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Farming).

The goal of FarmSuite is to allow farmers to save time and reduce waste. It provides the tools needed to efficiently and effectively plan, manage, and optimize production and sales. 

Now available
for Italy

The platform will initially only be released for the Italian market, but a future EU-wide release is not excluded.

If you live in another European country and are interested in this technology, please contact us and we will keep you updated with the developments.

​Main features

Management tools

 Products management
 Client lists and tailored product lists management
 Order management
 Delivery method management

Statistical analysis

Sales tools


Safe online payment system


Management system for buyers’ clubs


Personalized e-commerce space



Dedicated support


Access to guides and video tutorials

Extra features


Crop planning tools


Online shop embedded in personal website

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FarmSuite è un progetto ideato e promosso da AIAB srl, in collaborazione AIAB Friuli Venezia Giulia e Hypernova, finanziato da SmartAgriHubs.
note legali

This Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, through an Open Call issued and executed under the project SmartAgriHubs (Grant Agreement N.° 818182)